Anstrex Dropship review: finding the hottest dropshipping products in 2020

In this Anstrex Dropship review, you will be discovering if this tool is the best for dropshipping business in 2020. It claims to be the future of Competitive Intelligence. Keep reading.

Is Anstrex free to use?

At the time of writing, we have tested a free Beta Program which is not the final one you may see today, hopefully with a lot of improvements added by then…so, yes, it is free.

What is Anstrex Dropship?

It promises to help to find hottest dropshipping Products that appeared on Social Media, using a Chrome extension to automate your store, spying on thousands of stores and learn their secrets.

How to take Data-Driven Decisions with Anstrex?

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Filter and Menu

The tool comes with a simple GUI easy to navigate and fast enough when rendering results. We noticed the Price range slider is not offering enough room to work with for example we tried to range between 10$ and $40 price and we struggled to achieve that.

You can also filter by Categories (Beauty & Health, Mother & Kids, Women’s clothing, Shoes, Cellphones and Telecommunications, Home & Garden, Consumer Electronics), Countries, Shipping from, Shipping method, sorting by (Order, Date, Last 30 Days orders, Duration, Last 30 Days Growth)

Category filter
Category Filter

Anstrex vs Oberlo

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Anstrex database of articles

Anstrex vs Dropified

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Price list

What is Anstrex suite of products?