DSers Review: would save you time?

Dsers is a drop shipping app that is revolutionizing the whole ecom industry with its own top range features. It allows you to do what order management tools like Oberlo or Dropified nor CJ dropshipping have left behind.

Why Do DSers Order Management App?

The most important features is that make processing Bulk & multiple orders (100’s) in a very short time, within minutes! If you have been using the above app you know how tedious is that process when you have a lot of orders to fulfill with Aliexpress.

This order management App is able to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify, including the whole description, setting up shipping methods and
Tracking shipping status. Those are Huge time saver of using this order management app and a major plus for anyone who hates outsourcing to a VA, you don ‘t want to hire someone to spy on your own Shopify Store?} Also the developer is aiming to add new feature time by time. Pretty good ehh!

How do DSers work?

Once in SHOPIFY, after downloading the app, setting up the account is quite easy and quick however the instructions available on the site could have been better in my opinion.

In order to be able to process so many orders at once the app need to link to your Alixpress account and whitelist it so you can start benefiting using their official API and the limitation that a standard Alixpress account come with. If you dont know already Alixpress has a new Dropshipping Centre dedicated area which provide a better way of handling your dropship business with them; It seems Dsers is one of the 2 companies accredited so far to use their API( Shopmaster is the other one).

Here’s a few features that really blew me away:

— Place and Pay multiple orders at once (or at least by 90 orders at time)
This always been crucial for bulk order /csv multiple orders saving time! And it does a good job

dsers review
Main dashboard

— Oberlo Integration:
You can Sync your Oberlo Listings with a click of button.

— Drop shipping App center integration with API:
Among 3 tabs I like the Product Analysis tab where, by giving a product URL, it will show Sales occurred last 2 weeks plus more..

Oberlo Product

Trusted Suppliers Ranks is provided on another Tab

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Supplier Management

One big benefit is the ability to add multiple Shopify Stores and has its own Settings. When importing products, via the Chrome extension, manually or migrated from Oberlo, you can assign ( mapping ) multiple Alixpress Suppliers: by doing so you can filter which one to choose(cheaper cost or faster delivery) by given option and methods and this can be set up for any country you wish! A new feature coming soon will allow you to automatically find the cheapest supplier!

CSV Bulk Orders

DSers Review: would save you time? 1

Drop shipping app

Other features include setting Pricing Rules up to the cents, with advanced range..Tracking email notification for each store
Dsers is currently Free and it supports integrated service with Shopify at the moment. More options, such as Woocommerce, Amazon, eBay, are under development and coming soon. The CSV bulk orders via a CSV file feature is coming soon as well. The website is very informative and generally provide with top-notch video instructions, a Facebook page is also available to stay up to date on progress..

This app will definitively save more time so you can focus on marketing, branding and other essentials area of your drop shipping store. There are 2 Plans if you want to use this app in your store: a Free standard Plan which includes all the main features and a Premium Plan which includes among the others: Multiphoto editing, Aliexpress review Importer, email template, CSV Bulk Orders spreadsheet for ordering, Affiliate program and an Aliexpress B2B payment.

How to map Aliexpress products?

Steps needed before placing multiple orders
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This is one tool that I will be keeping for my own business. Combine this with FunnelGenie to skyrocket your sales in this competitive ecommerce business.

Did you enjoy this DSers review? Do let me know.

  • Original Features
  • GUI
  • Value for money
  • Customer Support

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