Funnelgenie review: is the best funnel builder for COD?

funnelgenie builder

In this Funnelgenie review I go through the pros & cons of this COD funnel builder platform, a new approach to dropshipping with its innovative built-in features including Cash on delivery funnel templates. Why this FunnelGenie review? It seems to be a tool that has been long-awaited from many dropshippers around the eCom world. Thanks … Read more

Creating dropshipping video ads the easy way.

dropshipping video

Discover how easy it is creating dropshipping video ads for Facebook and Instagram in this quick tutorial. We will be using the free tools available. Why dropshipping video ads are important? If you are running Facebook ads and Instagram it is essential to have your videos well crafted around your product that entice your audience … Read more

TrackiPay review: one missing gap between Shopify and Paypal.

trackipay review

Discover in this TrackiPay review how easy is to sync order tracking information from Shopify to Paypal and notify your customers automatically so you wont get into troubles. What is TrackiPay? Is a tool that works well for those who are running a Shopify store and are using Paypal as gateway of payment, helping store … Read more