Dropship Rabbit: 2021 Best Winning Dropshipping Product Research Tool?

This Droship Rabbit review analyzes the best way to use this research tool for eCommerce in 2021.

This tool recently came under the spotlight thanks to Kamil Sattar, from *** Ecom *** Youtube’s Channel. It is a curated listing of winning products that are popular in the dropshipping space.

dropshiprabbit review

Dropship Rabbit vs EcomHunt

Dropshiprabbit is a curated list of Winning products that fall within certain criteria. We don’t know what criteria the tool is following, it may look like Ecomhunt but it is missing the Search features and poor sorting ability, only by Popularity, Latest, and Price (low-high). Listing by Niche is basic. Would you ask more for that price tag?

dropship rabbit login member area
Dropship Rabbit Member area

What Niches DropRabbit supports?

All dropshipping products including Healthy and Beauty, Kids and Baby, Home and Kitchen for a total of 1321 (at time of reviewing)

dropshiprabbit niches
Niche List Updated regularly
dropship rabbit product research
Product sorting features

Dropship Rabbit vs Pexgle

To be honest they are 2 different concepts: product research is not just a list of products sold from the past. Gathering, analyzing data intelligence, and taking your own decision vs some ready-made research based on unknown criteria is crucial if you are serious. Tools like Pexgle give you such uniques collection of data points to analyze, good enough if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitor.

dropship product description
Product Description and external links
dropship rabbit login
Target Audience provided for each Product
Facebook Ads Beginner's guide
Facebook Ads Beginner’s guide
Dropship rabbit pricing
Membership Pricing Levels
Dropship Rabbit: 2021 Best Winning Dropshipping Product Research Tool? 1

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