Scalify Review: avoid these top 3 mistakes while scaling.

This Scalify Review 2019 is for those who are using the power of scaling Facebook ads shopify to its full potential, are able to scale their businesses very hard in short amounts of time.

The problem is that very few are those using proper scaling techniques because they are too long and complicated.

That is why I wrote this Scalify Review.

Gary Vaynerchuk says business loves speed, speed is one of the main keys to successful business especially in a highly competitive marketplace such as e-commerce. Luckily Facebook targeting has become very powerful throughout the years so powerful that it now provides advertisers with tools to reach laser targeted audiences who are very interested in their product. That allows them to scale their campaigns while maintaining a positive return on investment however before they’re able to scale their Facebook campaigns advertisers have to go through the hassle of testing a lot of audiences and ad set variations until they find one that brings them consistent sales.

 scalify review 2019

To stay profitable when scaling unfortunately creating and testing new audiences and ad sets on Facebook is a very tedious and time-consuming task so much tedious that most advertisers only test a few audiences before giving up and moving on to another product if you could start testing finding winning audiences and scaling your ads a hundred times faster than your competitors would that allow you to beat them and win the market of course it would that’s exactly why we developed Scalify.

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So you want to test a new product on Facebook ads, you create a campaign with basic interest targeting, you launch it, you wait, look again later that day and wow, sales are coming in at a very low price you’re making money that’s good awesome, this is a winner.
You think the next logical step would be scaling your campaign, you duplicate the ad set maybe test a few age ranges some other interests, split test the genders you create a few variations and realize it’s already taking up so much time so you stop at 10 to 20 ad sets max.

You’re excited to see what’s going to happen a few hours later you open your FacebookAds account to see how your winner is doing and your jaw drops down your cost per purchase has tripled your return on adspend, is now below your margin and what you thought was a winner is now wasting your money; the only one getting rich here is big old Facebook and not you.

You get frustrated maybe sad even you turn off the ads and start from new another day another product let’s see if this new one will be my winner and you repeat the cycle this is what most ecommerce advertisers do; you keep repeating the same cycle and keep getting the same results which makes you even more frustrated and more anxious and worried seeing your facebook ads bill going up and up without the returns you wanted.

Scaling Facebook Ads Shopify

scaling facebook ads

We have some great news if this is you. The chances are you are not using proper scaling techniques because they’re too long and complicated so here’s the two things
Pro ecommerce advertisers do that allow them to scale:

number one, they scale using look-alike audiences: once a product starts producing sales you want to create look-alike audiences based on the video views and the website traffic events the pixel has recorded, this allows Facebook to find people that are similar to the customers and to the people who have already shown interests for this product;

number two, they use the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule says 80% of your results are produced by 20% of the inputs in facebook ads that means only 20% of the audience you target are the ones who produce 80% of your sales and results.

So imagine your Facebook audiences as this big piece of steak with lots of fat around it, the majority of the piece is just fat and the real meat is only a small portion of it so what you want to do is trim the fat and only keep the meat that actually produces the result.

Scalify trim the fat in facebook ads, you split these audiences as much as possible you want to test male versus female, split the age pyramid into small year chunks and test them versus each other, test countries against each other and so on… you also want Facebook to find audiences similar to people who previously took some action on your product.

An action could be : ’viewed the product’ ‘added the product to cart ‘, ‘initiated checkout’, ‘ added payment info ‘, ‘purchased the product’, ‘watched your video promotion’, ‘ watched 50%-75% or 95% of the video’;

These similar audiences are called look-alike audiences, you also want to test the percentage of the population of the country in the look-alike audience that can go from 0 to 1 percent 1 to 2% 2 to3% up to 9 to 10 percent, not to mention that you have to create a custom audience of each action.

We just talked about create a look-alike audience for it, create an ad set for each single one of these look-alike audiences and set each ad sets ad with the same page post, now, maybe you’re starting to see the problem with this it takes a long amount of time.

SCALIFY Review: does all the work for you.

SCALIFY App creates the custom audiences, creates the look-alikes and launches the ads from the SCALIFY app without having to log into your Facebook Ads account.

Scalify takes care of all the Scaling facebook ads Shopify tasks for you so you can scale your ads properly and achieve those great results.

After reading this Scalify review, if you are serious about scaling facebook ads shopify, install the app, trial version is here, so you may want to apply those technique in building the following:

Scalify App
  • Automatically create custom audiences
  • Automatically create lookalike audiences
  • Create lifetime customer value (LTV) based lookalike audiences
  • Automatically run ads for custom or lookalike audiences
  • Automatically create retargeting ads with page posts
  • Automatically create DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) retargeting ads
  • Automatically break the ad sets down by age and gender for accurate split testing
  • Automatically create custom conversions for products in the store
Dynamic Retargeting with Product Catalog

Scalify review final verdict: Want to launch a campaign to a look-alike of people who purchased a product? there are two ways of doing that either using the pixel traffic purchase data or using the product sales data.

Scalify app builds custom audiences for you: look-alike audiences to the traffic that came to your website pages, page posts, all types of craziness but the cool part is it launches all the ads for you so it doesn’t just create them, it launches the ads for you. I can’t even express how much time manually I usually spend like,three four or five hours, to do, like if I want to test all ten look-alikes, Add to Cart, and so on, this is gonna do it on the fly.

lookalike audiences

Facebook only keeps the pixel data available for a limited number of days so for purchases look like audiences we recommend better to use sales data from Shopify.

Scaling facebook ads shopify.
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