Top 7 Aliexpress trending products 2019 for drop shipping

Aliexpress trending products 2019.

If you been running Facebook ads / Shopify e-commerce store you know that the product has nothing to do with the product itself! We are in 2019 and, Yes, you read that correct! While that statement may sound contradictory there is a kind of false belief behind the whole e-commerce industry. We think that when we test 1 product or even more we are going to find out a winner and we re going to reach that financial freedom or whatever.

The determining factor of a winning product is based exclusively on marketing.

Marketing can turn any product into a winning product, don’t confuse advertising ( the action of showing the ad to a person/prospect) with marketing (the positioning angle of a product in the ad).. We as marketers tend to put Advertising and Marketing together in same pool

Aliexpress Dropshipping or Shopify, does it matter?

When we look at the data we collected from daily campaigns on ads, we  unconsciously crunch that  as a number game not people as recipient of our message . There is a creative aspect behind communicating that message that most of the time got neglected.. As business owner we want to be able to control that aspect.

First we need to understand what makes someone buy something, humans buy for a specific reason, believe, instinct. … because they think is cool? Maybe because it will make them rich? Or will make them laid? Well the answer is that they buy the story that is playing in their mind when owning the product.

Aliexpress trending product 2019

Tie the right story to the right product to the right person and you will always have a winner.
Stop looking for winning products and start turning products into winners.
First you need to figure your 3W’s:
WHAT– what are we selling?
WHO – who is our customer?
WHY – why do they need it?
I can tell you statistically we are 99% wrong when it comes to answer the WHAT and WHY question.
Let s dive into an example, WHAT is our product? a Bicycle LED Wheel Lights.
Some benefits:
it will :
1. Makes us look cool
2. Makes us more noticeable

Can we build a story behind point 2.? How about ..hundred of cyclist get killed on the roads last year due to not being seen at night. See the actual Facebook ads and see how there is no angle/factual fact that will float into the customer mind…

Top 7 Aliexpress trending products 2019 for drop shipping 1

WHO is our customer: Cyclists
WHY they re buying: to save their life.
Facebook Ads copy will look like this (Don’t quote me on those figures, they are just examples)

Top 7 Aliexpress trending products 2019 for drop shipping 2

Do you see the difference? Obviously, each product can have a different story, approaches and pain points.. it’s up to us to find out those and market accordingly, and remember that the storyteller will always beat the common advertiser.

To recap here are the main pillars for building a better story structure in your ad copy ( remember how Facebook Interruption Marketing interact with your audience /social media prospects)

1: Avoid Assumptions; 2: Ask the rights questions and 3. Actively monitor your stats.

Top 7 Aliexpress trending products 2019 found on Facebook Ads

The top 1 product is the ‘Natural Healing Elixir Crystal Water Bottle‘, check the trending spike on Google trends to realize how this item is constantly in demand. See Aliexpress chart below:

aliexpress dropshipping trend
Aliexpress dropshipping trend
water bottle google trend 2019
google trends for 2019

The 2nd place is for LED Ring light, very hot product on Facebook with hundred of ads, means this is truly an aliexpress trending product 2019!

Aliexpress trending products 2019
interest over time 2019

The third in this category Winning products 2019 is ‘Portable blender’, they are trending up on Aliexpress dropshipping for 2019 as well.

Fourth is ‘Back Posture Correctors’, another massive trend!

posture corrector aliexpress trend 2019
posture corrector google trend

Nr. five has been popular for a long time and its the’ Car Phone Holder’, overall is consistent thru the years. Once again a lot of orders via Aliexpress dropshipping.

car phone holder aliexpress
car phone holder google trends

Vegetables slicer or Vegetables cutter at nr. six, definitely a Shopify winner!

vegetable slicer aliexpress
vegetables slicer trend

Finally , seventh position is the Gaming Mouse, it has been trending with several spikes. Check Facebook Ads as well.

gaming mouse aliexpress
gaming mouse trends

Remember, those 7 were found in Shopify store!

I found these Aliexpress trending products 2019 using the Alishark app here however there are hundreds of them available for you to discover and make some profits. Happy hunt!

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