Unknown hack to reduce PayPal disputes Shopify by 80%

As you all know, disputes can harm your Paypal account and ALL your business.  In most cases, the easiest way to reduce Paypal disputes is to work with the customer to figure out what happened.

Preventing a possible escalation is key. So short story long, here are some quick tips on how to reduce Paypal disputes this as much as possible. 

Why Paypal Disputes Occur?

Mainly the customer did not received the item, the item was not as described or the purchase was made without buyer’s knowledge (unauthorized transaction).

How To Reduce Paypal disputes.

I promised you I’d share my method, and here i am! 

  1. Have a GREAT support team behind every business you run! This is the #1 cause of disputes that will get you in trouble.Now, think twice, people get furious when they don’t get answers/replies! Start the conversation with an open mind and listen to your customers first!
  2. Have very clear terms of services, and refund policy to help your customer support team make the right choices. Make sure those policies are easy to find and understand. This is crucial. Sometime they don’t have a clue that they exist!
  3. The important one! It helped me keep shit under control especially when support team ain’t doing their best!  This is it:

First of all you go to settings => selling tools => customer service message . 

reduce paypal disputes
paypal dispute hack

There you can set the message your customers see when they’re on the dispute page! It’s the last chance to talk to them, and make them feel you’re LEGIT before they take action and FILE THE FUCKING DISPUTE!  

What you need to do there is TO CREATE AN EMAIL for DISPUTES ONLY! This will be the OH MY BANANA EMAIL that should be ANSWERED ASAP! LIKE ASAPPPPPPPPP… 

I usually go with [email protected] and hook it up with MAMA ALERTS!

Secondly you need to start with a title like => 

 *Filing A Dispute? Please Hold A Second!  *  

and the rest could be => 

We're very sorry you've reached this point!

If you're not satisfied we aren't either! 

We really apologize if you haven't got an answer from our support team, or even if you weren't happy with the reply you got from them! 

Please reach out at [email protected] and let us know what's going on! This email is for the VERY HIGH PRIORITY cases such as yours here! We'd love to find out what's going on, and solve this case ASAP! 

Please remember, There is a MUCH higher chance you will get your money back if you get in touch with us and explain your issues. Disputes aren't the fastest way to solve this.

OR another version like:

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Hello, We are sorry you Have had to get to this point but we want to have one last chance to make it right for you. We are NOT happy if you 're not happy!

Please reach out at dispute@.  And let us know what’s going on
This email is for the VERY HIGH PRIORITY cases such as yours here and treated by a separate dedicated team.

We’d love to find out what’s going on, and solve this case ASAP!

Please remember, there is a MUCH higher chance you will get your money back if you get in touch with us and explain your issues.

 Disputes aren’t the fastest way to solve this. We look forward to your email. 

PS. I just wrote the text above to give you an idea. U  might need to write your own due to some language issues. 

And now enjoy a healthier PAypal account LADIES and gents! 

You’l be surprised by how many emails that DISPUTES@MYODOMAIN will receive 

😉 … 

paypal hold money

KISS ME LATER .. I take no kisses today.. 

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