CBO campaign case study: 150K/month scaling Facebook Ads.

In this CBO Campaign case study, Edson P. E highlights its strategy, including Facebook scaling techniques and how he made 150k/month on the UK marketplace with a Shopify store in April 2019.

This is a niche/general store from 1 country. I decided to try the UK because people mainly focusing on the USA and it worked pretty good. The audience is smaller but there’s still room to make good money. I am able to make 150k/month. This is a brand store with a good ratio of a repeat customer.

My techniques are not new and not different from other marketers, you probably used them or heard about them.

Cbo campaign case study

CBO Campaign: product research

I do a lot of POD (Print on demand) so I like searching for my design on Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon bestseller, the basic research on FB and Teespy($). For physical product, there are few good tools, Ali Shark($) and Adspy($). There’s also youtube and FB graph.

Testing CBO campaign case study

I start a campaign with 6 to 10 adset with single broad interest at least 1M at 8-10$ a day. Sometimes I dupe this campaign and change it for CBO, so now you have 2 campaigns to test your product. I realized that I find my winning audience quicker with CBO. Budget 50-100$. Always purchase conversion even if it’s a brand new pixel.

When to kill Facebook Ads

If no ATC after 7-8$ spent, kill. No purchase after 12-14$, kill. It’s good to have low CPC, good relevance score, etc but I don’t look at those metrics, I focus on ROAS.

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Scaling Facebook ads

Scaling part 1:
In the first campaign, I dupe all my best adset 3 times and bump the budget, 25-30$. Use the same technic above to know when to kill
In the CBO campaign, I only kill the bad adset and let it run for 2-3 days. After that, keep only your 2-3 best adset and kill the rest.

Scaling part 2:
I learned it from a guy named Albert Fernandez from Florida (The Loophole Millionaire). In the first campaign, I take my best adset, dupe it 5 times in a new CBO campaign at 50 or 100$, it’s up to you. If you have a winning audience, FB will find the best adset in this campaign. Kill the adset with bad results and keep 1 or 2 adset alive in this campaign.

Scaling part 3:
I do the same thing as the testing process but with LAA. The first campaign I have 5-10 LAA adset at 20$ each and dupe the campaign to a CBO campaign at 100$ this time. When you have killed your bad adset, go in scaling phase 1 and phase 2.

Scaling part 4:
Scale with a budget. You have to test your CBO budget. Not all budget worked for me. My best budget were 50-100-300-500. You have to test to find out. You can dupe your actual CBO with a higher budget or just bump the budget of your adset. In your none CBO campaign, keep dupe your best adset with a higher budget. From 25 to 45-50, 50 to 120 and so on. You are going to have a lot of adset.

Scaling part 5:
Rinse and repeat the number 2 with new audience/interest and go in scaling 4
Rinse and repeat the number 3 with all LAA you know, VC ATC Video View etc etc and move to scaling facebook ads 1-2-4 above.

Facebook CBO works really well for me. Still testing différent ways to scale my CBO campaign.

Retargeting with Facebook Ads:
Still testing but I retarget with link clicks objective. Get all your audience, VV, VC, ATC etc. Start with VC and exclude ATC, ATC and exclude PUR. Try différent creative for your retargeting and use a discount. I was able to get 7x-10x ROAS.

Test many creatives to avoid ad fatigue and at some point, your frequency will be around 1.4 or more.
Try to keep your ROAS above 2. kill fast and launch new adset fast.

My AOV (average order value) was pretty low(20£) even with a funnel. My mistake was to not test more upsell or changing my funnel. There’s a tone of apps to bump your AOV.

Profit was 45% after the currency conversion and ad spent around 80k from April to May . All my FB account are in CAD so I don’t pay any currency conversion.

Find a good supplier. Make some research to see if you can find a local supplier, even for POD. They are not in the Shopify app store but they have their own app that can support Shopify. Shipping time was a major factor. Customer got their product in less than 5 days.

My numbers dropped in May because my account got banned by Facebook and got it back 2 weeks later because of a copyrighting issue and wasn’t able to continue with my winners. Make sure if you do POD to check your design to avoid infringement problem.

This is my “whole” strategy in a few words. It might work or not for you. You have to find what is working for you and stick with it especially when scaling facebook ads.

Make sure you have a system/process that allows you to focus on scaling your business instead of doing hours of product research and customer support. Find some VA in Upwork and teach them everything you know to run your stores.

I built and now working on a new website, one country again. Will use the same process, maybe changing a few things because the audience is different but so far so good, I was able to find a winner after 3 days. This is going to be a brand store like the other one. You need to find a process, rinse, and repeat.

This CBO Campaign case study was written by Edson P.E

I don’t have a course or a mastermind youtube channel or whatsoever. I am in the e-commerce world since 2-3 years but I was a beginner like most people here and I know the feeling when you spent a few hundred and got only 2-3 sales or even no sales. Keep grinding and working till you find your winner.

I suggest you find people in some group and work together, maybe not on a store but helping others to succeed will help you to succeed. There’s so many gold information on youtube for free. If you fail, it’s because you decided to fail

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Trust the process and work work work work work never stop working on scaling facebook ads!