Product research dropshipping: my 2019’s winning method

My winning product research dropshipping method for finding top-selling products, it ’s a short and essential step by step guide for beginners or intermediate/ advanced drop shippers and store owners.

This method has been fine-tuned and tested multiple times over past years and it has already led to multiple figures ecom stores.


! Finding ideas:

> methods of finding dropshipping products;

! Validation process:

> supply demand

! Niche potential.

What is Product research dropshipping?

It’s the process of evaluating the likelihood that a specific product leads to a massive amount of sales in a short period of time. You can evaluate products by checking if :

  1] it solves a problem;

  2] save customer time/money;

  3] it has a high perceived value to a passionate audience, not on the high street;

 4] it has a WOW factor

 5] improves the customers confidence/appearance.

we will call them the ‘5 winning Factors’ from now on..;

Beforehand you want to consider filtering out the following items:

-Items that are usually carefully checked before purchase ie: footwear, special electronic and  clothing;

-Large and heavy items that can be get damaged during transportation;

-questionable items by Customs /Postal service (knives, bows arrows, hunting guns, alcohol) depending on the country.

⚠️ If you are doing Cash on delivery COD make sure you filter out those items who have many Variants (size or color). This will reduce the amount of cash you have to pay in advance to stock your products before shipping them.

Why is Product research important?

If you asked me to name the #1 mistake  I see  most often  I wouldn’t hesitate before answering:

Not spending enough time on analysing the ’5 winning Factors’ above.

There are several ways of finding product ideas with the potential to become winner unfortunately, this can take a lot of time and you usually get overwhelmed quickly and simply give up the search. Another awesome method is to use powerful tools/software, some are free but time-consuming others are paid tools that automate and help the process.

A. Using Facebook  

1. Using video search by typing some buyer keywords on the search bar “Get yours” “grab yours” “today only” “sale” “50% off” “free shipping” or the niche “dog” “cat” “cooking” etc…you will come up with some top results; Copy the video Url to check theirs stats (views, comment..) to decide if high engagement (ideally >500K); This works well for evergreen products.

2. Scroll your FB feeds and when you see a dropshipping ad save it, like it and comment. Then add the product to your cart and initiate checkout; Fb will start targeting you by sending matching ads. I  use ADHUNTER 2.0, a Chrome Extension from Product mafia to help me out for filtering automatically all ads,

I wrote an advanced article about hacking the facebook purchase pixel for finding a winning product with this method.

3. Check Page Transparency under the page tab :

facebook page transparency

Then go to AD Library:

product research dropshipping

Finally, browse Active Ads by Countries:

Facebook ads research

B. Use automated Feed to spy biggest stores:

in this method you want to follow those dropshipping stores that are constantly testing new products every day, I use a free tool called where I insert a top list of biggest Shopify stores, then I look at the ‘Shop monitor’ Product Monitoring list every day and select those within a price range I am after. Very powerful! monitor

It also offers tools for creating video ads (from provided pictures) and an image grabber downloader!

You can get the full list of websites to add onto the tool and the Chrome extension URL here:

C. Use Paid Tools to find untapped Aliexpress Products:

You can search manually on Aliexpress but tool automation will save a lot of time, believe me! Below some of my recommendations, they all come with a different approach in finding products, check their methods for free.

D. Ask your Supplier

This is one of the easiest methods, when you join an independent supplier (out of Aliexpress) they will tell you winning/hot products, it’s a win-win. Warning, testing is the Key, don’t expect this will work for everybody-

E. Follow Youtuber top Experts

There is plenty of ecom guru that showcase winning products every single day, like Harry Coleman (Beast of ecom), Jordan Welch, Justin Woll, Vince Wang, just to mentions some. Most of them offer legit courses or mastermind meetings at a high price ticket.


It is important to fully validate each chosen product before launching, The above steps only telling half of the true, I usually check on Google Trend and Google Correlate:

This is the product I am validating as an example: car phone holder

car phone holder
google correlate tool

Another checking point is to verify on Aliexpress Called “Product Analysis” but its a bit limited to one store at time-however I use Alishark for saving time and pinpoint data set amongst multiple Stores! Below is the analysis provided by Aliexpress: make sure the product sells at least 50 units per day to be considered a winner!

aliexpress product analysis tool

The next part is to look at Facebook Ads KPI (Views, Likes, and Comments) within a certain time length.

facebook KPI

Saving time in Product Research.

⚠️ You finally want to check Amazon for Reviews and general feelings about the product. You can even score that with chrome extension like (free version available) and see estimates of profitability with ease.

I gave this research method to my Va while I was using automation tools myself. Guess what.

I found out that, while my Va was producing decent results (some product really sold well) my approach to my paid tools was greater. But that’s is perhaps only me. You can follow this method along and find good results. I prefer what my motto says: speed love money

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