Alishark Review (Jan 2021): 3 hidden reasons to use it.

In this Alishark review we explain why is important to have a reliable Aliexpress product research tool. This is a true game-changer for finding profitable products to sell on Shopify or other platforms.

Alishark Review 2021: smart spy tool for drop shippers.

Whether you are a professional marketer or just started up with your online dropshipping venture your product research tool must have 3 of these essential features:
a] quick to retrieve information to validate products per niche;
b] congruent and reliable data from different sources;
c] customer support and regular updates.
If such a spy tool comes with a good price then you may consider having found a cool one!

Alishark product research
Main Alishark Dashboard

Alishark Review

First of all, Alishark comes with a nice GUI that make searching and navigating all features very easy.
You can filter your search query by Supplier, eBay or Aliexpress and display the most sold item by Today, Yesterday. 3- 7- 30 days. Same can be done if you just want to show the top wish listed item instead. (It is well known those Wishlists have the potential to be a top seller ) An additional filter will help find a relevant product by choosing Categories, price range and order amount. You also will be able to see Stores that are selling those items, daily Shopify, time to Spy guys.

best dropshipping spy tools
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How data is presented?
Inside Alishark each product has its own pop-up window with “Quick view (by time)” and a “performance analysis” view from last 6 months, including top drop shippers and top countries where the items have been mostly sold. If you chose to promote that specific product then you can publish directly onto the Shopify store by clicking a link provided at the top. Very powerful! Obviously, the Button with Aliexpress link is prominent at the top page you won’t miss..

Alishark product performance

Alishark Find Products to sell

SEARCH Discover features.
The most important search feature I believe is the keyword related one which is able to include or exclude terms that we don t want and this can be saved as a Custom Preset to use over and over.
Think about we want CAT but we want to exclude nail, toy. Another important feature is to filter products with a video presentation you can use for Video Ads. Cool one!

Best Dropshipping Spy Tools

Aliexpress Product Research Tool

There have been several updates and improvements since the first release. The owner, Yousef Khalidi, Hurrify, a well-known drop shipper expert in the industry, has been sharing several tips and trick on the Fb group. The overall database that is behind the tool (2Mil. so far) is growing at considerable rates, so no products listings/opportunities will be left behind. The Chrome extension has been launched as well and new features are being developed time by time.

Here are latest presets shared by Yousefico, feel free to use, leave a feedback, write us a Alishark review :

Preset 01: US
Preset 02:
Preset 03:

Another powerful feature allows you to drill down related products from a given one , by just clicking on its category. 

aliexpress product research tool

Ebay products is the latest feature being developed , although at its early stage is not 100% powerful like the standard Aliexpress Product research tool.

Alishark Review (Jan 2021): 3 hidden reasons to use it. 1

Another cool feature is the Alishark Chrome Extension: it works like a bookmark tool, from the Aliexpress website, while you are browsing, after you found your product, just press the button ‘Shark it’. Useful when you want to retrieve your listing back in time.

alishark review

As you can see in this Alishark review we like all the available features however our recommendations are to use the Filter along with Top Countries filtered by 3 Day Performance Column. We look at the results at each Price point as we don’t want to promote low profit items for Direct Traffic unless we have an email list o prewarmed traffic

What is the new Growth Rate feature inside Alishark?

Just added a new feature that allows you to filter by product’s growth rate, it measures the velocity of sales happened, so you can spot potential winners before your competitors.

Alishark Review (Jan 2021): 3 hidden reasons to use it. 2

What is the new Banggodd feature inside Alishark?

This new add on is fetching data intelligence from Banggood marketplace, usually well known for high ticket priced items. You have the ability to switch it on/off, results are displayed same way.

Alishark Review (Jan 2021): 3 hidden reasons to use it. 3

Is Alishark 1 of the best dropshipping Spy Tools?

We have tried several tools but none of them can compete with this aliexpress product research tool. That include their pricing.

Alishark pricing : The tool is not free (Would you expect that from the best dropshipping spy tools?) it runs on a monthly membership of $20, via Paypal, that you can cancel anytime. Since every month’s new adds are added we believe the price will go up soon. Also, the support from the private Fb Group is top-notch. This makes definitely the best dropshipping spy tools. Start your 2 day free trial here.

free trial
Become a Sharko, join Alishark now!

A quick video introduction from the founder Yousef Khalidi

free trial
Become a Sharko, join Alishark now!

  • Original Features
  • GUI & Speed
  • Value For Money
  • Customer Support/Help
  • Regular Updates

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