Accelerator App CommerceHQ review from super Jon Mac

This review is about the latest Accelerator App available within the CommerceHQ platform for free. If you are struggling with Product Research and finding Winning Products then this CommerceHQ app is for you!

There are many ways to find winning products for the dropshipping e-commerce model, you first start with a manual search or using tools like [Alishark] to help you out:

once you found them, you upload/sync them onto your Shopify store and voila! you realized that took so much of your valuable time.

How about having a platform that has a product research App built in instead that will allow you to dedicate more time on marketing tasks(or other business related ones)?

At the end of the day, you are the driving brain of your own destiny and you should leverage time optimization.

CommerceHQ review from Jon Mac

If you have heard about CommerceHq you know how Joe Mac and co. have been building a huge community behind this ecom platform (it has been around since a while now) and I can tell you, it’s a valid alternative to Shopify.

Jon Mac ecommece
Jon Mac

” I’m about actionable plans and getting results.  My passion and drive come from actually changing my students’ lives.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than meeting someone who had the potential for entrepreneurship but couldn’t get there and helping them overcome obstacles, guiding them through their business and watching them grow.   This is what I’m good at.”

This Accelerator App review is only for the App section of the CommerceHQ, which are built natively on the platform-Not a whole CommerceHQ review.

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Accelerator App review

Today let me introduce you the latest app that lives inside the CommerceHQ dashboard and is called Accelerator APP.

accelerator app review

The app shows you winning products the CommerceHQ’s Team has researched for you online, on a regular basis based on key parameters like the number of sales in the last month, popularity and google trends.

commercehq vs shopify

Those are crucial when it comes to picking high converting products Please note this App is not available outside the EcommerceHQ platform, therefore you will be facing few competitors promoting the same products.

Another killer feature is that it contains already-edited videos READY TO USE in your advertising with Facebook ads or IG, so you don’t need to find the videos, very cool! Videos are powerful when it comes to converting dropshipping items;

product research

Included on each product listing you will find targeting suggestions to use inside your FB campaigns, including interest, age, and placements to use. Pretty lame.

winning products 2019

Each product details has a picture preview along with thumbnails, the cost and a direct Aliexpress Link for the supplier.

Then you ll find Description, reviews taken from the supplier page.

commerceHQ app

3 Ad copy ideas along with targets are all provided.

Finally, before adding the product to the store a Profit Calculator will steam up your selling projections/forecast.

Commercehq pricing

Final Verdict

This app integrates very well within the CommerceHQ platform and if you consider the value and feature that it provides it definitively give you a competitive advantage: it is fast, simple to use and more importantly deliver what it promises and unless on Shopify you don’t need to spend any bucks on additional Apps. Commercehq vs Shopify? Definetively CommerceHq worth trying, in the long run it will keep spy tools off the road.

I’ve been secretly using an underground research tool to find the hottest trending products on the market! For months I’ve been using this to find $100K products! Just for landing on this page you can get EXCLUSIVE access! Click Here Now To Get Access!

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