Creating dropshipping video ads the easy way.

Discover how easy it is creating dropshipping video ads for Facebook and Instagram in this quick tutorial. We will be using the free tools available.

Why dropshipping video ads are important?

If you are running Facebook ads and Instagram it is essential to have your videos well crafted around your product that entice your audience to take action. You can see some good examples when searching for a dropshipping product via FB ads reverse engineering { i personally use Adspy}

When you are making a scroll stopper video ad you need to have the following details at hand:

Product link of Aliexpress or your store, video dimension, store logo, product name, taglines, captions.

Next, you need to draw a short storyline, focusing on a running time up to 45 secs where you can add still images and short clips taken from your Supplier or cut and paste from Youtube (not recommended).

dropshipping video
Dropshipping video ads: scroll stopper method

Ideally, the best way is to order your own product and shoot a clip from home however that can become too expensive in the long run, especially at the testing phase, where you have 10’s lined up items, costs and time will add up considerably.

My advice is to find a compromise between the time you spend and the cost-related issue, otherwise, I will definitely try to outsource the whole process for peace of mind, I also use Fiveer for this, ClipmanPRO or even better Invideo Ad creator (paid version).

The free alternative is Facebook Video Creation Kit

facebook video creation kit
From Business Manager, create a new Campaign, Adset then at Ads level choose from Media.

It s a powerful tool that lets you create Slideshows or Videos with easy from given pictures or clip videos, all within the correct Fb and Instagram formats. It is not a stand-alone tool though, It s built inside the Ad Manager.

Both Slideshows and Video Template tools are similar, the latter is more flexible when it comes to adding more animated Text plus the ability to append stickers with call to action!

facebook stickers call to action
Promotion stickers included for free.

In order to use the tool(s) you have to start a Fb Campaign, then create an Adset and when at the Ads level look for the MEDIA panel where you can upload/edit your own created creatives.

slideshow facebook tool
STEP 1: select the right format for the ads with templates

Once you choose a template you will be able to edit that by selecting Aspect ratio, image duration, and transition plus adding new photos or videos to the timeline grid.

royalty free music
STEP 2: play with Timeline grid like a PRO!
dropshipping video ads
STEP 3: Add some videos stills and its done!

You have the option to add royalty-free built-in music, edit the photo and add stills from videos before finalizing your new dropshipping slideshow video ad. All without leaving the FB platform, you can find more in the Fb Help for more details.

If you use Google Ads you can download the free Google Web Designer tool that allows you to create sophisticated ads you can use everywhere. But I warn you, it is not easy to use.

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